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Website design, which can be defined as the visual appearance of a website has been around for nothing less than two decades now. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee while working at CERN proposed to create a global hypertext project, which later became known as the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web was born within the year 1991 to 1993. As at that time only Text-only pages could be viewed by using a simple line-mode browser. In the year 1993, Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina, created the browser known as the Mosaic Browser. Due to numerous inventions, there were multiple browsers which ran on Unix-based and natural text heavy as at that time.
There were no integrated approach elements such as images or sounds, but the Mosaic browser broke this mould. The W3C was created in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by the means of developing common protocols that promoted its evolution and ensure its interoperability. This singular act discouraged companies from monopolizing a propriety browser and programming language which could have had effects on the World Wide Web as a whole.
The W3C continued to set standards, which is now seen today as JavaScript. Andreessen in the year 1994 formed Communications Corp. which was later known as Netscape Communications. Netscape Communications had their own browser which was called ‘the Netscape 0.9. They created their own HTML tags without regard to traditional standard process. Netscape 1.1 included tags for changing background colors and formatting text with tables on the web pages. From the year 1996 to 1996, the browser wars began, as Netscape and Microsoft fought for ultimate browser dominance.
During this period there were many new technologies in the field which were JavaScript, Dynamic HTML and notably Cascading Style Sheets. Moreover, the browser competition led to many positive inventions and creations and it helped web design to evolve rapidly. In the year 1996, Microsoft released its first competitive browser, which was complete with its own features and tags. It was also the first browser to support style sheets, which at that time was seen as an obscure authoring technique. The HTML markup for tables was originally intended for displaying tabular data.
Website design can be defined or it can mean creation, planning and updating of websites. Website design also contains information architecture, user interface, website structure, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and imagery as well as icons design. These entire website elements combined together is what forms the website or websites.
Frequently, the meaning of "design" is solely perceived as a visual aspect, but in reality, website design includes more of abstract elements such as usability, navigation logic, ergonomics, user habits, layout traditions and other effects that simplify the using of websites and also to help find information easily and faster. Often times, the technical aspect of website design are emphasized in the definition of design. Certainly, the modern website building involves server side scripting like PHP, ASP and CGI. The website’s visual side is often defined with HTML and CSS, the user experience is enhanced with dynamic JavaScript and Ajax.
When talking to people with poor or no technical knowledge, instead of talking about technical details, we concentrate on the functionalities, for example, to what extent it is possible to update a website through content management system and which features are visible to users. In standard terms, design describes the visual appearance of a website. Traditional approach involves contrast, coloring, balance, emphasis, rhythm, style of graphical elements (lines, shapes, texture, color and direction), and use of icons, background textures and general atmosphere of overall website design.  All of these elements are combined with the fundamental ethics of design in order to create an excellent result that meets the goals set for the website.
At Cuckhoo Company, we guarantee you with the best web design that fits and identifies your company in the most unique way. We are a website esign company that is determining to help small businesses to grow. We help in making sure you succeed and exceed your current expectations. We have all kinds of design templates that will suit your business needs, bring you online traffic and give your company the online presence and audience your company your company needs and deserve. We have dedicated experts and professionals who are well knowledgeable and experience in given your company the required corporate image and online traffic and presence it deserves. Our goal is to develop a mutually beneficial, reciprocal long-term relationship that is based on excellence and prestige.
Make us your assigned web design company. We are determined to make your business grow and improve tremendously and also give you that large audience and customers which you crave for.

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