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WooCommerce is an open source platform plugin for WordPress. It is developed for small to large-sized internet merchants using WordPress which is launched on September 27, 2011, the e-commerce plugin quickly became known for its simplicity to customize and install and free base product. WooCommerce was first created by WordPress theme developer, who hired James Koster and Mike Jolley that are developers at Jigowatt, to work on Jigoshop that became WooCommerce.
In August 2014, WooCommerce powered about 381,187 or 17.77% e-commerce sites online. And the first WooConf, which is a conference focusing on e-commerce using WooCommerce took place in San FranciscoCalifornia in November 2014. It attracted over 300 attendees. WooCommerce has now been embraced by over 380,000 online retailers. It is adopted by a number of huge-traffic websites, among them are Small Press Expo and Internet Systems Consortium. Trends showed that WooCommerce ran over 30% of e-commerce sites and millions of active installs in the 3rd week of September 2015.
WooCommerce has enticed significant popularity because the foundation product, in addition to many plugins and extensions, is free and open source. In addition, there are thousands of paid add-ons for agreed prices. Also, many Premium Themes now provide capability with Woocommerce and also plugins that make a theme framework compatible.
WooCommerce is a free e-commerce platform that permits you to sell beautifully anything. It is built to integrate continuously with WordPress, and it is the world’s favorite e-commerce solution that provides both developers and store owners complete control. WooCommerce now powers about 30% of all online stores with endless flexibility and access to over hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions, more than any other platform.
With the help of WooCommerce, you can sell both digital and physical goods in all shapes and sizes, instant download to shoppers, multiple configurations, offer product variations, and even sell affiliate goods from online market places. You can provide memberships, bookings, and recurring subscriptions with premium extensions. Maybe you would like to offer your members a discount on digital downloads or sell monthly subscriptions for physical goods? It’s all possible.
WooCommerce provides flat rate shipping, free shipping, or make real-time calculations. Reduce your shipments to certain countries, or open up your store to the world. Shipping is extremely configurable, and WooCommerce even supports drop shipping. WooCommerce comes packaged with the capacity to accept vital PayPal, credit cards, cash on delivery and BACS (bank transfers). WooCommerce provides you with a complete control over your store, from taxes to stock levels to customer accounts. Change your design, add and remove extensions, and switch settings as you desire. It’s all under your control.
What occurs to your store if the provider closes up your shop is one of the biggest risks of making use of a hosted e-commerce platform. You have complete control of your shop with WooCommerce, so there’s no reason to worry. Your data belongs to you alone and it’s kept secure, thanks to the regular audits by industry leaders.
Available to any WooCommerce store is a storefront which is a free WordPress theme. Along with Storefront prioritizes speed, deep WooCommerce integration, and uptime while removing theme and plugin conflicts during main updates. You can define your style further by customizing the Storefront to your best interest or selecting from one of our several Storefront child themes. It’s now all up to you, and all open sources.
Adaptable, extendable, and open source WooCommerce was developed with developers in mind. You can measure your client’s store all the way from its basic to high-end (infinity and beyond) with Woocommerce robust, strong framework. Developed with a REST API, WooCommerce can combine with almost any service. Your store’s data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, 100% securely. WooCommerce enables developers to easily develop, modify, and grow a store that attains their specifications.
WooCommerce will scale to meet your requirements, irrespective of the size of the store you want to build. With a developing collection of above 300 extensions, you can magnify each store’s features to meet your client’s distinctive needs or even establish your own solution. If security is a treat, rest easy. WooCommerce is examined by a committed team of developers working around the clock to spot and patch any discovered bugs.
We also aid WooCommerce and all its extensions with easily-accessible and comprehensive documentation. You will learn how to develop the exact site your client needs with our docs. And if you are seeking for some extensions which are endorsed and maintained by the developers who developed WooCommerce, there are a large or excessive amount of premium e-commerce extensions, and the most popular ones include:
For all services related to WooCommerce and Wordpress, Cuckhoo is on hand to provide you with excellent results. There is no other ecommerce website development company that approaches business the way we do.

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