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Everyone is familiar with the website today, but not all of us have the knowledge of how it actually works. Although it is a very technical process and it is usually being handled by professionals, knowing little about it will be helpful. Below, we will take you through each of the components that are needed to navigate your website and interact with any other website.


Understanding What a Annapolis Website Is

A website can be referred to as a collection of documents and files made up of text, colors, links, graphics and formatting that combine to create a complete experience. Something that is very common about websites is that they are always connected to domain names. The domain name helps the computer to locate the files and information that you have on your website.

Web Browser

Web browsers make it possible for us to access websites through computers or mobile phones. A web browser is an application which is capable of displaying and downloading the files, documents and other information making up a website. Examples of common web browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. These web browsers are able to read and quickly interpret domain names as well as requesting the files to display the websites, and finally rendering them on the screen of your computer.


Every website is written in HTML language at a basic level. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a universal set of instructions which all web browsers are capable of understanding. Text, images, and formatting on a website can be written in HTML. The code is stored in documents and has a file type.htmlwhich is used by web browsers to display a particular web page. HTML documents and images can also be called assets.

 Web Server

A web server is a platform on which websites and the HTML associated with them are stored. A web server works by receiving requests from the web browser of a user’s computer and then sending the files back to display a given website. Unlike personal computers, web servers have the ability to handle thousands of users simultaneously and separate their files and folders when linked with a very fast internet connection. Popular e-commerce websites make use of large web servers to handle millions purchases daily. Although HTML is used by web browsers to display contents to users, web servers make use of different languages (server-side languages) to function.

Combining the Components

To get your website functioning in this way, all the components need to be perfectly combined. This cannot be done by everyone but only by a web development company like Cuckhoo. When a domain name is inputted into a web browser, a request is sent by your web browser to a web server where the files of the website are located. The files, usually in form of HTML documents and related images and videos are rendered on your screen by the web browser. In web development, HTML and the languages used in displaying information by the web browser are termed front-end technologies. Server-side languages manage data sent back and forth to web servers, and they are also known as back-end technologies. These languages manage web pages requests and make database organization easier.

Web Development and Wix & Squarespace

Wix andSquarespace are ready made website building platforms. These services make use of already made HTML templates and web servers that are already set up to manage user data and handle incoming user requests. Although beginners who need a website with a little amount of customizability often visit Wix and Squarspace at first, they still need to learn how to control them. The tools need to be learned so that you can explore many options and make better decisions on how you want your own website to look and work. Once you have the idea of your type of web pages, the next step to take is to write HTML and CSS.
HTML is a markup language created mainly for producing web pages. Initially, web pages appear as a group of text and images arranged randomly on the screen, markup is the way of attaching instructions on how the text and images should appear. CSS is an entirely different language used to change the style of display of the tags. It is highly advisable to store your CSS code in a file different from where your HTML code is stored and then create a connection from your HTML
Before a website can function, two key components are required. The first one is a client and the other is a web server. A client is any web browser used in viewing and interacting with a website. The web server stores all data and files and data that are associated with how a website is being displayed on a client. Sever-side languages are equally important because they help to create, read, update and delete products from the database on which these products have been initially stored. They are programming languages and could only be understood by a good web development company such as Cuckhoo. Visit us today and we will make you understand how your website functions.

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