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Nowadays, online safety feels like an overwhelming and difficult obligation. Whether you are replying emails, browsing the Internet, downloading movies or doing online shopping, it seems like there are dangers everywhere you turn.  Hackers are trying to install key loggers on your computer, questionable characters attempting to interrupt your Internet traffic to get your credit card information, and criminals attempting to hack into your bank account. With all of these threats, what is a regular user supposed to do?  Sometimes, it feels like the threat is so great that the Internet has become useless.
We have posts that focus on individual areas where tightening up security is a much focused activity. You are locking up the gate on Facebook, or you are locking the back door to your private emails. But in general, what can you do right now to try and build a virtual wall of security on all fronts? How can you be certain that your personal files, internet browsing and email exchanges remain private and secure behind a strong firewall of security?


Creating a Virtual Fortress around Your Website

Most hacking is an opportunistic effort. These are anything from teenagers that are highly skilled at computer programming to well-paid coders that are working for an organized crime outfits. In the majority of cases, they are all looking for an unlocked door in order to take advantage. The problem is that most people do not know they have left a door unlocked. They have no idea that their private accounts can easily be hacked, as a matter of fact, they don’t even know there is a lock in the first place, they are unaware of steps and measures to take so they don’t fall victim to hackers.
The first thing to consider is the area where you likely spend most of your time, browsing. How secure is your Internet traffic when you  are using a browser, and how easy would it be for someone that can intercept that traffic to get private information about you? Another huge mistake that is also very common is when people post an email on the Internet that is a regular home or work email. This is the fastest path to a constant stream of not only spam email ads, but worst of all phishing email attacks.  Hackers search the web for innocent people’s email addresses and add them to their list of targeted emails. This can be effectively avoided through the use of an account that only receives emails from a particular sign-up form or web contact page. And in case you actually have to use a real email, make sure it does not look like a real one.
The same goes for your real phone number, email address and mailing address. They should never be on the internet for any reason. Those details are a fast track to tracing your physical location, your background, your education, your employment and every other personal detail about you. If you need to receive phone calls from your website visitors, sign up for a Google Voice account, and then use that as the contact point for online visitors. It is important to decide where to put those documents and files that do contain your personal details.
For best results, you would store those files on a device or computer that isn’t even connected to the Internet. Since that’s not always possible, you could in the very least mean create an encrypted, locked drive on your USB drive with the aid of Rohos Mini Drive. Rohos is a highly recommended software, and it has as well been recommended at MUO. You can use it even if you do not have admin rights on the computer you are plugging the drive into.
Also, a strong password is also at the center of this. Your password manager tool needs a good password, for starters, and your encrypted USB drive needs one too. The best password formation is to imagine a nursery rhyme that contains a minimum of 15 words. Use the first letter of each word and capitalize the first letter or last, you can use zero or one in place of letter O or I and then add a special character like an exclamation mark or any punctuation mark at the end.
It’s really, very easy to remember, and you will have a 15 digit password that will be nearly impossible to crack even if the prospective hackers have an idea of the nursery rhyme you used, stringing it together to decode your actual password will be almost impossible.  If you are the type of person that has over a dozen accounts with different passwords and you use a text file to store all of your account passwords, it will be in your best interest to install an encrypted password manager right now.
When you do business with Cuckhoo, we will help you provide the adequate online security needed by your website for personal and most importantly business uses. We are one of the best website security companies around. Do not hesitate to partner with us today, the earlier the best.

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